Wednesday, 25 April 2007


During the month of April members of the Monday Club have being involved in a textile postcard challenge. Each finished postcard has been created by three members. Stage one was to produce a 6x4 inch base for the postcard. Most of us already had samples of techniques tried out at workshops and we ended up with a wide range of media from marbling, painted bondaweb and silk paintings to applique. The next stage was to pass this first stage on and receive a second that you had to alter, embroider or embellish. We were able to utilise all the techniques that we have experienced at workshops!!!!!!!!!! When this was completed we then passed the postcards on again for their final touches and finishing off.

top- string shadows on silk base, squared off lines in gutta, diagonal lines in appliglue and angelina applique, finished off with random free machine embroidery.

bottom - painted bondaweb base, painted black skeleton flower heads finished off with wool rovings flower heads, applique leaves and dragonfly motifs.

The first stages above are from left to right

Part of a silk painting that failed

Wet in wet silk painting

Marbling on paper

The same three bases after completion.

Lace and painted 'snowdrops' have been added. Applique leaves at the base

Dried flowers, couching, gold paint and embroidery complete this floral interpretation

Machine embroidery, angelina and organza have been embellished with beads and appliglue

Marbled silk crepe

Painted bondaweb on silk satin

Part of silk painting, spot the face!

A commercial stamp using gold ink. (anyone know what it means?) finished off with black beads

Fabric applique at base with silk and metallic shapes and beads to represent a tall summer flower

Knitted metal hair, black outlined features and embroidery around the edge finish off this striking face.

As you can see the results surpassed our initial expectations. The interpretation of each base varied dramatically and we were impressed that so many techniques had been applied.

The experience of the challenge has encouraged us to have another go but later in the year

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