Friday, 13 April 2007


7 of our members are also members of the Guild of Silk Painters and this is the banner they completed in 2005 for the Guild's biannual festival in St Albans. All the local groups of the Guild completed a banner that represented their county. So our starting point was to brainstorm everything that Cheshire brought to mind. The name on our banner is in the style of the American HOLLYWOOD sign as the name did orginate from emigrants from an area of Stockport called Hollywood. The green base is to represent the flat Cheshire plains and finally the hats represent the main industry of Stockport in the 19th century - hat making. This gave each member the opportunity to design and make a hat for the banner.

The banner was made from silk satin and this photograph shows Pauline Townsend , Maggie Britten and Rita Stansfield (left to right) coping with the large frame.

The text on the banner was a range of saying about hats. The saying were firstly written with a fading pen and then Pauline used a dark grey gutta with a fine nib.

Denise Hopper at work with the hair dryer on a more detailed part of the banner. This photograph shows the preliminary layout of the hats before they were attached with bondaweb.

The Cheshire Cat sitting pretty on the CHESHIRE name.

This top hat was designed and painted by Pauline Townsend. The others were by Annette Anderson - the range of small black bowlers, Denise Hopper - purple wide brimmed hat, Rita Stansfield - pale blue bonnet, Belinda Rodway - the CHESHIRE name and the hemming of the banner.

Margaret Steeden - brown hat with veil,

Maggie Britten - the red hat with feather

After the festival the banner was long term display in the Hat Works Museum, Stockport.

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