Thursday, 6 March 2014

6x6 challenge

Here are some of the first stage of our 6x6 challenge.
Each of the 22 members who signed up provided a piece of painted or dyed or decorated fabric on which further decoration could be added by two further members to who it will be passed on.
This round robin challenge will last 6 weeks and then they will be pieced together to make a mini quilt.

Members have to not get precious about their piece as it becomes the property of the person to whom they pass it to. Easier said than done. Hopefully we will end up with a full range of techniques to display at our exhibitions.

Here is a second set of squares, silk painted, bleached iced dyed and velvet providing a full range of base fabrics that will test members.

This is from the tyvek workshop held previously the painted tyvek was ironed on to felt with a sandwich of bondaweb resulting in a this cobweb effect.
Here the painted tyvek has been ironed until it produces this 'holey' effect.

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