Tuesday, 27 January 2015


We had a good session today using the disperse dyed papers and printing on to a variety of substrates.
As disperse dyes work best on man made textiles we chose to use pelmet Vilene, Lutradur, stitch and tear, acrylic felt, thick posh serviettes and fabric containing polyester.
The images below are a range of the results. These will now be used in a variety of ways, from covering sketchbooks, cards, book marks, bags and book covers.
More images of finished results to follow.
 Middle bottom piece has been stencilled totally as the printed effect wasn't to the artists liking.

 Here a feather has been used as a relief creating a interesting effect.

 Good colour choices here with lots of serendipity happening.

 Lavender sprigs used as a relief.

 Work in progress, stencilling at the bottom and the pale relief of a fennel stem will be stitched into.

 This subtle colourway has been cut into small pieces and embroidered with French knots and them made into cards.

 These complementary colours have been developed with the use of stencils and paper d'olyles.


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